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One way to amplify your practice is to invest in learning from experts and innovators. Filevine is hosting a free, online virtual event, Catalyst Summit, to connect the legal community, to learn, and to absorb best practices together on August 18th, 2020. Catalyst Summit isn’t just about Filevine – it’s about the way legal teams […]

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Working Remotely

Here our my suggestions for a firm’s “Best Practices & Requirements for Working Remotely”. Feel free to use the this file (download link below) as a template to help your practice have written standards for remote work. 1) STANDARD OFFICE POLICIES & PROCEDURES i) Remote employees must comply with all firm policies and procedures in […]

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This unprecedented time calls for resolute but simple leadership. As we listen to the news and hear about businesses furloughing employees and shutting their doors, we ask ourselves many questions including ones that come with great anxiety. We must be self-aware and not deny the truth while measuring priorities in order to lead effectively as […]

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Balanced & Productive Remote Work

Balanced & Productive Remote Work – Get into the Groove Working remotely has its perks and its challenges. A key to successfully working remotely is to get into a groove. It is tempting to approach working remotely as a freelance opportunity, working here and there and when you feel motivated, however, to be balanced and […]

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Standards, Workflows and Procedures Matter Even More Now

As firms adjust to remote operations, leadership within firms need to realize that standards, workflows and procedures matter even more now. Typically, I urge attorneys to optimize and standardize their practice to scale their firm to the next level. However, today, I urge attorneys to develop and set routines to assist with managing remote employees […]

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Remote Workers

It is important to have a policy that guides telecommuting and remote employees. Here are the Top 3 Best Practices to Implement with Remote Employees. #1 Clock In & Out Hourly employees must clock in and out either using the system your firm has set up or through the various apps available like Hours Tracker, […]

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Tips & Tools for Managing & Engaging Remote Teams

My law firm, Yaeger Law, began as a virtual office and is entirely remote. We collaborate, chat, work and manage remotely. I wanted to share some tips and tools for managing and engaging remote teams that make remote work easier, keep everyone engaged and moral up. Frequent communication is key – work related, and non-work […]

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As the COVID-19 situation continues to develop, the team at Yaeger Legal Consulting is committed to doing what is needed to ensure the health and safety of our staff, our clients, our friends and our families. We remain dedicated to providing firms with needed information to help them navigate this unprecedented time. Yaeger Legal Consulting […]

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Article originally published in the March 2019 issue of Trial magazine. As lawyers, We Spend most of our time on our clients and their cases and little time on managing our firm’s workflow and processes. If you are not reflecting on how the work gets done, you’re missing opportunities to enhance productivity and efficiency. The […]

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